AI for Online Games is a Hot New Thing: Here’s Why

The gambling scene has an impressive track record of embracing new and interactive technologies. It all started with those online games that had a 16-bit feel compared to today’s high-definition (HD) live stream. Therefore, have no doubts that the industry will embrace artificial intelligence, and proceed to “quantum gambling” in the future.

AI has been around for more than 20 years now, and all the big players in the gambling scene use it for one good reason. It has the power to collect valuable data, that is used to improve service delivery, and also cut running costs. However, that is just an overview of this futuristic technology; here’s more.

A Better User Experience (UX) for Online Gamers

The dream of every casino operator is to know why a client chooses a particular game, switches options, or stops playing altogether. And for a long time, they used club cards and loyalty programs to track user behavior. The two methods still work, but they are not convenient.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), casino operators can now collect that information, and more data, from users. They can use it to customize the player experience based on location, age, preference, and even gender. Plus, the technology can also identify gambling addiction cases and take necessary action.

AI Levels the Playing Field

As much as players need protection from addiction, casino operators also need a defense mechanism against fraudsters. In most cases, these scammers prey on online casinos that don’t have monitoring systems in place. And that results in substantial losses.

In a bid to dilute this problem, the same data collected by AI is used to flag up suspicious activity in real-time. Then, the system can make an independent decision to terminate the account or alert the administration.

AI Gets Better with Quantum Computing

Traditional AI is good, but what could happen if it was on steroids? Data generation could be faster, more accurate, and conclusive. And that’s what quantum computing brings to the table.

Though this technology is in the infant stages, Microsoft has already launched Q#, the first quantum programming language, and have set up a server for developers to test and debug their applications. Using this technology, casinos and lotteries can now introduce quantum gambling to the market, and finally, perfect the personal casino concept.